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Northville Heritage Festival

Card by Anne and Kate

S. Laura magnets

Shionne earrings

C. Oz prints

Cards by City Bird, Seltzer, Rifle, La Familia Green and Boss Dotty

This weekend, September 14-16, the Heritage Festival plans to celebrate the 80s! We’re sure that many of you have some memories of that decade, so you would recognize our selection of radical 80s-inspired creations at the Gallery. Visit us during the festival! Cheers to the 80s! Like totally.

Fun Art for Your Dorm Room!

All above are handmade screen prints by All Things Grow, a local company.

The Dancing Eye Gallery has all sorts of fun ideas for your home or your home away from home!

Stay Cool This Summer!

Rifle tumblers and canteens

Polka Dot Mitten water bottles

Catstudio water bottles

Polka Dot Mitten coaster

Cheryl Oz print

Dishes of fishes, etc. by Colleen

ArtiSun soap

Water is all around us! Drink it, play in it, just have fun! 

Buy Michigan Now Festival

It’s that time again! Downtown Northville’s 11th annual Buy Michigan Now Festival, August 3, 4 and 5 will feature none other than Michigan-made art and products! We urge you to come to the festival and especially to the Dancing Eye Gallery to help support our Michigan artists of which we have many! Photos above are just a smattering of the creations of our local artists.

Sidewalk Sales in Northville

Sale T-shirt

Downtown Northville’s  annual sidewalk sales are coming! This Friday from 10-8 and Saturday from 10-6. The Dancing Eye Gallery welcomes all shoppers and will be open those hours as usual. Come in and see what’s new and you may even find a few things on sale!

Celebrate the Lunar Eclipse

This Friday, though only available via live stream in the U.S., is the July blood moon eclipse. Even though we cannot see it here, there are plenty of “lunar” gift ideas and fun art at the Dancing Eye Gallery! And .. you can prepare for the next lunar eclipse on January 21, 2019 which will occur in North America and will be able to be viewed in it’s entirety in Michigan!

Got Walls?

The Wooden Wall

City Bird print

Beach Girl Photography plaque

Next four are City Bird prints

Cheryl Oz print

We’ve got fun things to dress those walls at the Dancing Eye Gallery!! Come in, be cool and see what we have!